Salesperson Pre-License Courses

Purchase Individual Items

We understand that for various reasons people may prefer to order the items in our Pre-License Package separately. However, our Pre-License package is our best method of preparing for the State Examination.

One course

$89.00 + $12.00 Shipping

Format #1: Online Courses

  • Real Estate Principles Online (purchase)
  • Real Estate Practice Online (purchase)
  • Real Estate Finance Online (purchase)
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate Online (purchase)
  • Real Estate Appraisal Online (purchase)
  • Office Administration Online (purchase)
  • Property Management Online (purchase)

How are these courses different from Format #2?

Format #2: Traditional Courses with textbooks

Multiple courses

If you enroll in two or more courses and pay for all courses at the same time, the fee is $89.00 for the first course plus only $65.00 for each additional course purchased at the same time. You will choose the courses from a drop-down menu on a subsequent screen.

2 courses
Online Courses
With Textbooks
$89.00 + $65 ($65 x 1) = $154.00 + $13.00 Shipping (purchase) (purchase)
3 courses
Online Courses
With Textbooks
$89.00 + $130 ($65 x 2) = $219.00 + $13.00 Shipping (purchase) (purchase)
California Final Briefing Examinations

$40.00 + $11.00 Shipping (purchase)

  • Booklet with over 700 written practice questions with explained answers
Online Final Briefing Examinations

$40.00 (purchase)

  • Sort and create exams by subject category
  • Create exams of 5, 10, 25, and 100 questions
  • Automatic grading with explained answers
  • Hide questions you previously answered correctly
  • Answers include links to an extensive glossary
Live 2-Day Weekend Crash Course for the Salesperson Examination

A fantastic 2-Day weekend review course packed with information to help you pass the state salesperson exam the FIRST TIME! Important: You must register in advance to be admitted to this class. See below on how to register.

Course Contents
This live 2-Day session will include:

  • Key terminology
  • Exam-taking hints
  • Memorization aids

2015 Class Dates

Feb. 7th & 8th
Mar. 7th & 8th
April 11th & 12th
May 2nd & 3rd
June 13th & 14th
July 11th & 12th
Aug. 8th & 9th
Sept. 12th & 13th
Oct. 3rd & 4th
Nov. 7th & 8th
Dec. 5th & 6th

Enrollment Fees
2-Day Class Only: $149.00
2-Day Class + Practice Tests: $189.00

Chamberlin Real Estate School (view map)
1825 Winchester Blvd.
Campbell, CA 95008

Saturday & Sunday, 9am. to 4pm.

How To Register
Call, fax or email for additional information and to register:
Phone: 1-800-672-4665
Fax: 408-378-2241

Have Questions?
We encourage you to contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-672-4665 with any questions.